"Welcome to promote" investment und funds" for the industry ".

Summary :


Considering that the 1986 United Nations declaration on the right to development affirms that development constitutes a fundamental human right; whereas this declaration advocates a human rights-based approach characterized by the realization of all fundamental rights (economic, social, cultural, civic and political); that this declaration also commits to strengthening international cooperation.


" AKEB Club brought together leaders from the private sector, philanthropy, civil society and academia, to engage in an interactive dialogue with governments on the role of partnerships for promoting opportunities, increased prosperity and sustainable development for all ".

The extension of #AGOA could help transform African economies

This would provide certainty for companies wanting to invest or expand their operations in eligible African countries.

#AGOA2023 #AGOAForum Read more: https://lnkd.in/dNVJpsqa


strategies to create a profitable portfolio

African PE is facing significant challenges. Local and geopolitical events, ongoing impacts of Covid, adverse climate events and a fragile global economy have led to a deterioration of key macroeconomic indicators and reduced growth expectations. „ Posts by Mr Josef , The Director Africa Equity: Development Finance and Impact Investing Expert ; Chartered Director loD.

Josef BPRIVATE EQUITY IN AFRICA : strategies to create a profitable portfolio.

• 1st

Director Africa Equity; Development Finance and Impact Investing Expert; Chartered Director

On the 30 th of october 2023 :


Congratulations to Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria (AHK Nigeria) around Timo Pleyer and Nigerian-German Chamber of Commerce with Marilyn Rapu and her colleagues for the organization of a fantastic GERMAN-NIGERIAN BUSINESS CONFERENCE on the occasion of the visit of German chancellor Olaf Scholz to Lagos.

Coming Up !

                     "Euro and Africa Summit "




Energy Industry leaders across Europe and Africa and will participate in a daylong series of investment discussions and deal signings on June 1st at The Westin Paris Vendome, France, with top executives of major global companies. The discussions will cover a wide range of issues affecting the African energy sector, European demand for African natural gas, to the establishment of hydrogen, biomass, and renewable fuels industry clusters around #Africa.



On the 2nd of June 2023 "


Time is ticking and the African Investment Day is just around the corner.


Pope Francis visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo from January 31 to February 3th 2023.





See you on the 22 June in Baden - Württemberg international Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus.

Baden Württemberg - Germany.




09.04.2022  Kinshasa - Democratic Republic of Congo.


Partnership signed between AKEB Club and The DRC Tourism Ministry.

The Government of the DRC has made the revival of tourism one of the government’s priorities. This sector, which was formerly a by-product of the environment, has been set up as a Ministry, which will soon be equipped with a framework law that is currently being drawn up.




Revolutionize the agricultural industry
and gain a competitive edge :


The African Agri Council NPC invited AKEB Club to attend the 'SAPZs and the development of the agrifood sector' virtual workshop at the 7th European African Business Forum on 18 February 2022 . 




25.01.2022 : Masi Manimba - Kwilu Province -Democratic Rep of Congo.


Project to build a professional School Complex MAXI BIEWER in the territory of Masimanimba / Province of Kwilu / Democratic Republic of Congo.


Surface: 1.000 m² equivalent of 48 classrooms.



Construction of a school complex with Effinergie level.
Lifecycle analysis with the E+C- repository.
Eco-constructed building - Photovoltaic panels (140.5 kWp, 1.000 m2).





"Global issues by definition need of cooperation among top level network as an effective way to transform ideas in action and to influence concrete solutions".

"Spendenmarathon 2021"


AKEB e.V  and  Ms Ambassador Maxi Biewer said  "  Thanks RTL for the support " 

Ms Marie Branser


Her career, her season: everything you need to know about Marie Branser before the Olympic Games in Tokyo (July 23 - August 8). In the land of judo, the 28-year-old Congolese Marie Branser (of German origin), defends for the first time the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the yellow, blue and red colors.



"Que Vive la Francophonie "

The 2021 edition of the Francophonie Games in Kinshasa have been move to 2022 to avoid a direct clash with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Competition at the multi-sport event for French-speaking countries was due to take place in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital between July 23 and August 1 st next year


"Service Award on the 10th of May 2021"

Dear Ambassador Maxi Biewer,

Congratulations on reaching this important service milestone of helping the children of the DRC.

We are pleased to honor your achievement through our Service Awards Program for your support to the National Programs

for the Fight against Diabetes and Helping Children who are blind with vision problems reach into the Democratic of Congo.

It is with great pride that we present this award to you,

You are a valuable member of our executive team.Thank you.


Sincerely, AKEB Club Executive Team .

Today it's your 30th work anniversary!

30 Years of Service“

You are a valuable member of our executive team.


Congratulations ! Mr Stefan Wimmers.

Congratulations on your work anniversairy, This place would not be the same without a passionate and skilled person like you.


AKEB Club Executive Team.




Queensland, AustraliaOn the 29 th March 2020.



Partner Agreement signed between AKEB Club and The Kempe Invest


As an independent organization, AKEB Club is governed by a Board of Trustees, Who are responsible for agreeing our overall strategy, Setting policy, monitoring performance to promote our interests.

Donors of all shapesand sizes both within and outside the nonprofit sector share an interest and a role in philanthropy.

Everyone has a part to play and should feel needed and welcome. We are seeking partnership and international cooperation based on a shared sense of mutual interdependence.


Most of the projects we fund and develop are related to the industrial policy and economic development.





On the 1 st of January 2021,

The AKEB Club welcome,


Ms Maxi Biewer,

German television presenter,

Coach, Author and Actress.


Executive member and Humanitarian Goodwill Ambassador of the AKEB e.V.

The Princess Kat Graham named as an honorary AKEB e.V Goodwill Ambassador.


On June 25th, The Republic Democratic of Congo Empower 54's Founder/President, Princess Modupe Ozolua, presented to Kat Graham a certificate of Merit which appreciated her philanthropic works and named her an honorary AKEB e.V Goodwill Ambassador and Princess of Inongo ";The capital of Province du Mai-Ndombe in the DRCongo : Henceforth, she is to be duly recognized and addressed as Princess Kat Graham of Inongo.


On the 9th of January 2021,


AKEB Club welcome Mr Dr Michael Doetzlhofer.

▪︎ Social Entrepreneur ▪︎ Humanitarian Networker ▪︎ Expert in Humanitarian Affairs and int. Relations and Diplomacy.

Austria AKEB Club Goodwill Ambassador and Executive Member.

On the 1st of November 2020 :


The AKEB Club welcome partnership with EUiNA .

Based on the experiences and considerable networking, Trusted Connections along with our solution provider partners.

we support the positive growth of communities and development accross the Democratic Republic of Congo.


On the 3 th May 2020.

The AKEB Club welcome Mr Dr. Gerhard F. Kempe.

Our Corporate finance and wealth management.

We truly celebrate for having you in our Team Manager !

We believe in your skills, experiences and Knowledge that you can use for our country,The Democratic Republic of the Congo. "Welcome aboard "

Your truly, AKEB Club Team Management.


Partnership and Cooperation.

The 9th of August 2020 :

AKEB e.V welcome

The Kempe Concept development for the Democratic Republic of Congo.



On the 05 th of January 2020

The AKEB Club welcome Ms Néné Ba from The Senegal Republic.

We are celebrate for having you to extend our activities in the west of Africa.We believe in your skills, experiences and Knowledge that can use for our country.

Your truly, AKEB Club Team Management.


The 24 th January 2019.

The AKEB Club welcome Ms Dr. Monica Hess.

We are hopeful that with your fresh ideas and enthusiasm, We will working with you and certain that you'll be a great fit for this team."Welcome aboard "


Your truly, AKEB Club Team Management.




On the 20th Of January 2019: DRC court confirms Mr Tshisekedi winner of disputed presidential election.


In fact, What is needed are Innovation, Creativity and technical Know-How.

In Order to drive an environmentally and resource conservative production and consumer Pattern and to explorer unknown paths.

PDF-Dokument [298.0 KB]


Innovation, International Cooperation in research,  Know - how and Creativity worldwide.

PDF-Dokument [556.8 KB]



Based on the experiences and considerable networking, Trusted Connections along with our solution provider partners, we support the positive growth of communities and development accross the Democratic Republic of Congo.


We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. - Albert Einstein










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