General Characteristics of the DRC :



Geographical Characteristics:


Situated in the heart of Africa, The DRC has a land area of 2,345,000 Km², which makes it the third largest country in Africa, after Algeria and Sudan.


It shares 9,165 km-long boundaries with the Central African Republic (CAR) andbSudan to the north, Zambia and Angola to the south, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia to the East, and the Republic of Congo(Brazzaville) to the west, Angola's Cabinda Enclave and a 40 Km narrow strip on the Atlantic coast.



On account of its regional location, The DRC is classified under Central Africa and forms part of both the Congo Basin and the Nile Basin.


The DRC is both equatorial and tropical and has a diversity of local ecology and climates due to a combination of several factors: Physiography,Temperature, rain fall, duration of seasons, impact of human activities on the natural environment and its position bestriding the Equator.


Annual rain fall ranges from 800 mm along the Atlantic coast through 2,200 mm in the central basin to 2,500 mm in the mountainous east of the country where it may even exceed 3,000 mm. Furthermore, three - quarters (3/4) of the territory is covered by a wide variety of forests, which constitute the natural habitat of rich flora and teeming wildlife.


The DRC IS ranked the first African country in terms of the vast expanse of its forests and conservation of the global environment.






The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is blessed with great agricultural potential. 

It has 80 million hectares of arable land, diverse climatic conditions and abundant water resources.


1. Great potential in agriculture and Mining. 

2. Energy,Hydrocarbons,Hydrography.

3. Transportation, Banking , Finance, Forestry, Telecommunication and Tourism.

4. Rehabilitation and modernization of the DRC infrastructure.

5. A flourishing and promising economy.

6. Skilled and cheap labor and An increasingly attractive and competitive business climate.


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