The Bandundu Provinces of kwilu - kwango and maindombe

His Excellency Mr. Jean Kamisendu Kutuka - The Governor His Excellency Mr. Jean Kamisendu Kutuka - The Governor

Bandundu is one of the eleven provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It borders the provinces of Kinshasa and Bas - Congo to the west, Equateur to the north, and Kasai - Occidental to the east.


The Capital is also called Bandundu(formerly Banningville).

In 1966, Bandundu was formed by merging the three post-colonial political regions : Kwilu, Kwango, and Mai -ndombe.


Article 2 of the 2005 congolese constitution, which came into effect on 18 febraury 2006, specifies the actual Bandundu province to 3 news provinces : The Kwilu, The Kwango and The Mai - ndombe.

295.658 Km2 area, 9,2 Million inhabitants population - 71% Economic growth - 9.5 Inflation rate - Infant mortality rate: 75 per 1,000 live births(2011)

● Literacy: 66.8%

● Imports from Germany / RDKongo € 113.8 million (2011)

● Exports to Germany / RDKongo: 10.6 M € (2011)

Natural resources: diamonds, Gold, manganese sulfate, potassium sulfate, Cobalt, Kaolin, Copper, Iron, Mercury

● Hydrocarbons: Oil and Gas

● Industry: Beer (Bandundu) and Palm Oil Industry (Mikwi)

Agricultural products: coffee, sugar, palm oil, cassava, bananas, The Hevea, Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar Cane.


Potential and Development Asset:


We endeavor to develop human assets toward the goals of heightening levels of professionalism.


A very young population whose age range is located between 15 to 20 years.

The good level of education for the entire province and its openness.


Huge land available that can be used for plowing or for agricultural purposes currently estimated at 1,459,208 ha

The savanna tree-crops and shrubs

Permanent meadows and pastures

A developed communications network (road, water, air)

A very important forest network

A major river system.


Energy potential

Bandundu province offers huge energy potential undeveloped among which the most important are:


● The fall of Kakobola (30mW)

The fall of Bamba (12 Mw)

The fall of Kitona (12 Mw)

Micro-power Tembo (500 Kw)

Microwave Central shakahamba (1.500Kw)

The Guillaume drop in the Territory of Kasongo - Lunda

The Marthens drop in the Territory Popokabaka

The olulu fall in the Territory Oshwe.






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