The Territory of Masi Manimba as  a “AKEB e.V” pilot project planning


His Excellency

Ms Anne Mbunsu Muzinga




Ms Anne Mbunsu Muzinga is the Administrator of the Territory of the Masimanimba in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Kwilu Province.


Mr. Pr. Peter Kangu Kanzumba 

AKEB e.V Coordinator(DRCongo)

Mr. Kangu Kanzumba Peter is a Secretary of the Senate President of the Democratic Republic of Congo(Upper house and the house of Representatives) and Advisor to the Research departement of the Senate to the environment and tourism section. He graduated in Philosophy license.

Masi Manimba Territory is an administrative area in Kwilu Province, Democratic Republic of Congo. Its headquarters are in the town of Masi-Manimba, on the Lukula River, a tributary of the Kwilu River. The Luie and Kafi rivers also run from the south to north through the territory, tributaries of the Lukula. The territory is divided into ten sectors: Bindungi, Kibolo, Kinzenga, Kinzenzengo, Kitoy, Masi-Manimba, Mokamo, Pay- Kongila and Sungu.


Our Pilot Project is focused on the development of the Kingungi Community 


The Kingungi community Services of general interest are in the field of Health, Rural development and The Tourism.

A. Health (Kingungi Hospital in Kinzenzengo sector)

B. The Rural development:

  • The Sustainable Agro-Pastoral and Land Management Promotion project
  • The development of cattle industry to a new market worldwide       
  • The development of agriculture potatoes and onions in the village of Mosambo
  • The territory has largely untappeb fish farming potential
  • Hydroelectric power developments With a Small hydroelectric plants or a wind energy system technology on the wind river of Lukula (In Kasongo site where there is rapid to install Cold storage Room which are widely used in agriculture sector, food industry and fish product exported package to foreign market). 

C. The tourism planning and development:


        1. The Site Kitona at the Lippens fall can be converted into a tourist destinations(Tourism marketing)

        2. The LUKUKA River restoration Project development, The project had some key objectives as well:

  • Securing abundant water resources to combat water scarcity;
  • Implementing comprehensive flood control measures;
  • Improving water quality and restoring river ecosystems;
  • Creating multipurpose spaces for local residents;
  • The Territory development centered on the Lukula river(dredging equipment) facilitating Market Development worldwide.



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