The AKEB Health Project :


The AKEB Club Thanks The Princess Modupe Ozolua :


620,000 children given medication in Democratic Republic of Congo:

On September 24th , Empower 54 commenced distribution of Albendazole and Vitamin A (100,000 IU and 200,000 IU) for 620, 000 children in Province Du Mai-Ndombe, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Princess Modupe travelled within the Province with Mai-Ndombe's Minister of Health, Dr Bola, to 8 major towns to flag-off the distribution. The towns visited during her 10 day visit to the Congo were, Inongo, Kutu, Mushie, Bokoro, Kwamout, Bolobo, Nioki, and Mongama. Our donation of Albendazole and Vitamin A in partnership with Vitamin Angels for 620, 000 children in the Province was to support the Maternal Newborn Child Health Week which is a global biannual event. Week aims to deliver a package of basic health interventions that are highly effective in reducing child mortality and improving mother and child health.





Kempe Project Management & Kempe Invest & Kempe Therapies , Shailer Park projects realised :



Some past performance of our Financial Partner in the field of Global Project Funding is as follows:

Type of Project : Petrochemical Complex (EPC+F) - Location: U.S.A

Value of Project: $14 Billion - Type of Finance: Equity Finance (EPC+F) Contractor’s Equity: 5%


Type of Project : Hydropower Project Solar Energy Project Equipment (EPC+F)

Location: U.S.A - Value of Project: $12.3 Billion
Type of Finance: Medium Term Loans


Type of Project: Export-Import Development

Location: North America - Value of Project: $1.2 Billion
Type of Finance: Total Investment and launch with Credit Line Provided By Investor in 3 Part

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type of Project: Merger & Acquisition of 3 Private and 4 Public Companies

Location: Europe- Value of Project: $5.8 Billion
Type of Finance: Debt Finance with Mechanism of Purchase & Tender & MO System


Type of Project: Dam Project (EPC+F)

Location: Middle East - Value of Project: $403.98 Million
Type of Finance: Investment in association with Ministry of finance

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type of Project: Mineral Exploration and Chemical Plant

Location: Asia - Value of Project: $430 Million
Type of Finance: Debt Finance with a guarantee by an Insurance Company


Type of Project: Recreational Complex + Hotel Construction

Location: Germany - Value of Project: €5.5 Billion
Type of Finance: Credit Line according Contractor’s credit

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type of Project: Metallurgy Plant + Processing to Bar

Location: Africa - Value of Project: $300 Million
Type of Finance: Short Term Loan with AAA Risk Insurance

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Type of Project: Merger & Acquisition of 3 Private Companies with 1 Military Company

Location: Europe - Value of Project: $3.4 Billion
Type of Finance: Debt Finance Basis 85%/15%



The Ultimate Goal of AKEB e.V based on the economic development programm/ Project :


  • To efficiently brings International Investors into private real estate investments Markets" Innovate and modernise"
  • Through funding partnership,allows AKEB e.V to innovate and modernise teaching and training practice and youth work, ensuring that young people and adults get the skills they need to succeed in today's world.
  • Under AKEB e. V partnership projects focus on sharing, developing and transferring innovative practices in education, training and youth provision, Projects can cover the five sectors of Higher education, Vocational education and training, Schools, Adult education and youth, either focusing on one sector or working across sectors on common issues.


  • This broader perspective of community cooperation assures greater access and types of opportunities to everyone in the community to promote youth development.


  • Through this type of activity organisations are able to develop partnerships, share best practice and work collaboratively to help improve provision, boost growth and create jobs.


  • To develop competency based education programs that include flexible learning opportunities (International understanding through Education, Art and Culture exchange).


  • Community Health Systems: With the Mobile Health Care, Provides a foundation for planning and evaluating community health programs ; learning about community/public health concepts and health promotion.


  • Socio-economic Transformation of Agriculture and Rural Development to achieve a food self-sufficiency objective.


  • The International Ecotourism destination : Make the DRC,  the first destination of ecological tourism in Africa.
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