As an independent organization, AKEB is governed by a Board of Trustees, who are responsible for agreeing our overall strategy, setting policy, monitoring performance to promote our interests.

Our competence team build the basis for the succes we have in producing.

The Board team



Ms Maxi Biewer,

German television presenter and actress.


Executive member and Goodwill Ambassador of the AKEB e.V.




Mr Dr. Gerhard F. Kempe.


Australia AKEB e.V Corporate finance and wealth management.




Princess Kat Graham,Singer /Actress.


Goodwill Ambassador of The Maindombé Province.



Ms Marcelene Anderson 

AKEB Goodwill Ambassador of Canada 


Areas of Competence :

Develop and implement a change management process that sustains momentum for continued success into the future of the DRC community.





Ms Alvita Kisini


USA Goodwill Ambassador and Project Manager

of AKEB e.V






Ms Brigitte Kalbitz-Salama 


North Germany AKEB Goodwill Ambassador.


Areas of Competence : Provincial Sustainable Management strategy.





Mr. Stefan Wimmers 


Goodwill Ambassador & Project Manager of AKEB e.V


Stefan Wimmer is admitted as an attorney since 1991 and independently active.


Areas of competence: Expertise in project management




Mr. Matadi Sefu K.

Mandated by the Province of Bandundu Government/RDCongo

Social development Goodwill Ambassador of AKEB e.V



Areas of competence:


Humanitarian affairs, Developement, International relations, Inclusive education, Intercultural dialogue, Health & psychosocial issues


ACTIVITIES: Project management, identification and implementation of projects, team coordination/management, internal and external communication, administrative management, institutional representation & advocacy, reporting, research and legal analysis

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